I am always trying to find activities we can do with the kids that don’t require extreme special agent stalking-like vigils of the kids at all times. Having out numbered ourselves with kids; its better, calmer and less stressful for us all if the activity is something where the kids can be…kids. Two of our children have special needs, which comes with some special personalities, so it is often important for us to find something where they feel comfortable as well.

Recently, we decided to take our brood to the zoo. We have been several times. The zoo is small, open and since it is full of other (often) screaming and tantruming children; our two blend right in. We feel comfortable enough to not have to tie them to us and let them roam free with in reason. They love the feeling of being in control, in a otherwise controlling world. However, I was tired of the same routine. Go, walk, look, repeat.

For our trip today I decided to make a zoo scavenger hunt. And woudn’t you know? Someone already did the work for me. Jenae, at icanteachmychild.com, had the same idea and came up with a zoo scavenger print out. I printed out a copy for each child, brought along two crayons and awwway we went (now say that in a Bubble Guppies accent)!

It helped keep our kids focused and they loved running all over the zoo. Instead of the normal path we ALWAYS took, it lead us to see new place in the park. I also challenged myself to taking all photos in black and white. I have oodles of zoo animal photos from all the previous trips we have taken and was hoping to look at the animals in a new way. Included below are some of what I took on our trip to the zoo. Enjoy!

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