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Well, ok. We all pretty much know what routine is. However, those of us with ASD kids typically have to take that to the extreme. We do things we normally wouldn’t do and go above and beyond to make our routines happen to appease those little ones in our lives. Just so their little lives stay “routine”. Then one day I had a realization. I started feeling like maybe I had ASD, or maybe I was just going crazy. I realized that I had to have routine too and if I didn’t I basically threw a tantrum myself. Well, not the whole, body flinging, sobbing, throwing-up part my children play, but the more silent one with “angry eyes”.

During my morning routine this today I ran across something I thought was important to show. My daily routine. I have been working on a book including all my crazy family and kid stories. I want to show other moms with ASD kids that it isn’t all about the scary, the tantrums and the routines we are forced to live and follow. So when I saw this challenge flash across my Facebook feed, I felt it was worth a shot to show everyone out there that we all lead similar lives. We need to look at them in the positive and never feel like we are the only ones facing this lifestyle.

So I took the “One Day” challenge put on by Hollywood Housewife. Follow me on Instagram to see my day. Every photo is about 5 minutes worth of a part of my day. I’d love to see yours too, leave a comment bellow if your playing too.


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