I got a “wonderful” call yesterday from our long term storage provider at our last base. They stated that our lease on our storage was up this past JULY and we needed to come remove our items. Well there might be sort of a small issue with that since we don’t live stateside and possibly wont be living stateside for another three years. Luckily, she was very nice and understanding. However, it was quite the shock being told our items needed to be removed ASAP or else. I just picture seeing our belongings on the next episode of Storage Wars.

She and I had a little laugh and then she informed me of the process I needed to take in order for our belongings not being haggled over on prime time television. We needed to email her a copy of my husbands paperwork showing his latest DEROS date.

As I was having this conversation with her on the phone, a brand spanking new Army wife was sitting on my couch giving me a dirty look.  After I hung up the phone, my friend asked the common “What language were you speaking?”. I chuckled as I actually felt quite intelligent just recalling the past conversation on the phone. I actually knew all the acronyms the lady was spilling out of her mouth.

So I took a few moments and explained to her a few of the “code words” I was using and made her day a little brighter by helping her understand a little more of Army life. Hope it helps you too.




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