So I spent a long time this morning ordering a gift for my husband for Father’s Day (Sunday, June 15- don’t forget!!!).  I had one of those $20 coupons for but the gift I made was less than $20 so I couldn’t use it…So I had to add something else to get to $20, which doubled my shipping, blah, blah, blah…But I think it turned out cute, so after lots of mouse clicking, teeth grinding, and coffee drinking my order is complete.  I started thinking of my hubby and all the awesome stuff he does for me and our kids:

  1. makes my coffee on the weekends
  2. always carries in the groceries when I get home
  3. makes me a drink on the weekends
  4. gives our boys a bath
  5. is a master of doing dishes
  6. does laundry
  7. is sweet to my mom
  8. makes sure to set the DVR to record the shows he knows I like
  9. when I panic about cleaning the house he’ll step in and do the chores I like the least even after being at work all day
  10. cleans the litter box
  11. plays with the kids while I finish dinner so I don’t trip over them and burn them with boiling liquid
  12. surprises me with a date every once in a while that I had no part in planning
  13. will open the door for me and is teaching our boys to do the same
  14. teaches the kids how to do the things I don’t have the patience to teach them
  15. sets up a tent for the kids to play with inside…which they LOVED!!!
  16. and on, and on, and on…



I seriously could go on and on.  As Daddy Day nears, I am going to try to remember all these awesome things he does every day for us.  It doesn’t mean that sometimes I don’t want him to do things the “right way’, (to be honest it’s really just “my way,” so that’s probably pretty subjective).  It doesn’t mean I don’t get irritated when I feel like I’ve told him something a million times and he’s looking at me like he has no clue what I’m talking about.  Hey, nobody’s perfect, me or him.  I just know sometimes I can get caught up with the negative, the nit-picking, and lose sight of the big picture.  And the big picture is?  Daddies/ Husbands rock.  Especially ours.

I’ll try to remember that the next time he dresses one of our boys in what he calls “Daddy Outfits.” 🙂



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