I’m trying to remember I need to be thankful. Two years ago when we were first going through all this tumor stuff with Diva it was scary and there weren’t many answers we were getting from the doctors. We are still getting not many more answers but we aren’t as scared. Her level of care seems to be movie star quality vs the bargain basement treatment we got in Hawaii.

However, after returning from a visit today at the hospital in North Carolina, it’s like one hand doesn’t know what the other hand is doing. It’s like they all need to sit down at a table and have a conference to discuss these sorts of things…. Oh wait, they did. In all honesty, things are going good. We could not have asked for a better group of physicians for her and concerned about her disease and her well-being.

The only issue seems to be time frame for surgery. One doctor says spring and one says summer. While the difference in time frame is not life or death, it could mean difference in quality of life. So tomorrow I will be calling the oncologist and discussing our appointment we had today with the surgeon and differences between their approach and what Hubs and I feel should be done.

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