What If Mom’s Got There Own Gift Registry

Response to Amazon’s Baby Registry Email


Mommy’s Wish List

What would you wish for?

I pointed out yesterday on my Instagram account, how I humorously got an email from Amazon stating someone purchased a gift off my baby registry. I could have been so excited. Maybe it was the BOB stroller I wanted, or the cute new bedding I picked out. But wait… I gots no babes. My youngest crap instigator is five and recently started kindergarten. I can’t even remember what was on that baby registry list for her. Overall, it was a hilarious event that took place. Amazon later admittedly sent an email apologizing for the error. However, by then the damage was already done as an unknown number of individuals, parents or not, had received the email. Humorous or absurd?

Nevertheless, all this discussion about gift registry got me thinking- what would I put on a registry myself? One of the perks to being a adult is buying what you want (not necessarily what you need). Who cares if you have five pairs of boots, see another pair you want? Buy them. No one is stopping you. Except adulting.

Allowance was replaced by a paycheck and spending money freely on everything is now limited by what fits into the budget after all the bills are paid (hopefully). So even though you might want that sixth pair of boots, you can’t grab em’. I mean you could make the kids eat ramen noodles for a month to afford them. But let’s be realistic, you kinda like your kids more.

So what if you could make a registry list for yourself with all the things you want? I decided to do just that and encourage you to do the same. Why not? I’ve actually done this before and use Amazon wish lists as a way for locationally challenged family and friends to not have to take stabs at what I wanted for holidays. I even had one when my husband was deployed and he’d surprise me with gifts every so often off of it (he is such a sweet man!). So let’s get to it and I ask- What would be on your mommy wish list?


Mommy’s Wish List

      1. Roomba 690
      2. Ipad Pro and Pen
      3. Bose Noise Canceling Wireless Headphones

      1. Ipad Mini

      1. Filofax Personal Classic Croc in Blue

      1. Lamy Al-Star Fountain pen in any color!

      1. Bose Solo 5 TV Sound System

I’m sure I could keep thinking of things I’d want, but there are just the few items that come to mind. So, I ask again, what would be on your “mommy” wish list? Robot cleaners? New Laptop? New car?! Why not. It’s a wish list, which means a list of your wants, and not your needs. A mom can dream right?


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