Welcome to our new digs!  We are so excited to show you our new place!  It was a busy summer for us, and we are happy to start the Fall on our new page as a .com!  Now, to be real (because we always are), my co-author had much more to do with this than myself.  She is good at things like domain names, writing code, and other such techie things that I don’t get.  I am good at things like, “I like this color better than that color,” and “can we move that boxy thing over to the side area, like somewhere over here-ish?”  She is a saint for all of her efforts and for all of her patience.  🙂

So, as military spouses we are very familiar with moving.  Between the two of us we have moved about 10 times since marrying our soldiers.  Moving can be stressful, and this “digital” move was no different.  You get to your new place and realize you need twice as many curtains as you did in your old house.  Maybe the sectional couch you got as newlyweds can’t fit into your new living room no matter how you position it.  If you’re buying the home, you might be painting the walls, or other renovations.  We wanted this blog to be the best it can be, from how it looks, how easy it is to navigate, the accessibility of our archives, a pleasing color palette, and so on….We will keep tweaking things as we go, but our message is the same.  Here is a list of things that have not changed about our blog:

  1. We will keep it real.  I love those blogs where the authors’ home is always pristine, everything is white and glass, not a crumb in sight.  It’s like a breath of fresh air.  We, on the other hand, are not perfect.  Not even close.  Which is cool because then it gives you permission to not be perfect either.  At the same time, we will try to avoid things like typos and bad photography whenever we can 🙂
  2. We will share our successes and our struggles.  You know how you have that friend where everything is always great, she would be doing, “just fine, thank you!” even when her house is burning all around her?  We will be happy to share our successes, but we will also try not to be afraid to share our struggles with you.  As military families of kiddos with special needs, it’s not all roses.  And, that’s okay.  Maybe one of our grayer days will be something that can really help one of our readers.  And that’s what we’re all about (If you haven’t yet, check our Our Story).
  3. We are still eclectic.  We have lots of roles in our lives.  We are military wives, moms, friends, DIYers, teachers, writers, researchers, chefs (or attempt to be), and we love to laugh.  There is a lot of variety there.  And you will find a lot of variety here.  Recipes, jokes, current research on autism, tips for handling a deployment, and how to make an upholstered headboard.  It’s all here.  In all of its craziness.

So that’s it!  WELCOME to our new home!  Clear a space off the couch, get a mug of your favorite drink and tuck in for a while.  We love having you here!

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