I was there. We were both there. Two years ago our husbands deployed together and spent a year living in the same room together. However, the family relationship went back a little further. Our husbands went though Army Flight School training together and our children are only a few days apart in age. We ended up being stationed at our first duty station together and here we are again at our next duty station together. Our husbands still work together, but this time due to classes and schedules we arrived too late for Hubs to join the unit on their latest deployment. However, her husband didn’t. Sadly he had to say goodbye to his son. But what happened when he returned was all that and more of a Hallmark, Folgers, and Kleenex ad all rolled into one. Image my surprise yesterday when her video I had seen a few days before hand popped up again….and again….and again all from different sources. It is the season for the reason. A reason to be thankful for what we have, what God has given us and provided for us. So grab the tissues and watch our friend surprise his son for the holidays.


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