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As promised, I told you I would be reporting and reviewing some great places within reasonable driving distance from Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Residents, stationed military and travelers often think there isn’t much around the area to explore and plan an adventure too. However, thanks to the North Carolina Department Of Agriculture, I was able to take a much needed momcation daycation before school started.

I was introduced to wine and visiting a winery as a experience many years ago. Sadly, I never get to go often. Kids, ya know. However, over our summer vacation to St. Louis, Missouri, my husband and I got to see how some wineries are actually exploring ways to be more kid friendly.

Nevertheless, who really wants to drag kids to a relaxing day at the wineries anyway. And yes, I said wineries; as in more than one a day. Because recently I got to explore 2 wineries and an amazing newer concept of a wine located around the Durham, north Carolina area.

Here are a few tips I was taught.

Enjoy the ride. Often winery’s and vineyards are located away from populated areas. The grapes need room to grow. They are a crop ya know. Also, a lot of winery’s offer more than just ambiance, beautiful scenery, wine and a relaxing atmosphere.

Gregory Vineyards in Angier, North Carolina has all the above and more. It first opened as restaurant in 1987. Since then there has been extraordinary growth with their brand. However, one thing has remained the same and that is the continuous treatment of patrons as family.

Promoting Lane’s Seafood and Steak House, Gregory Vineyard and a venue for weddings and other events; Gregory Vineyard gives dedication and attention to them all. With Lane, the owner himself, repeating the mantra “we are so blessed”; Lane and his wife love to give back to those who visit.

Explore the world around you. Did you know that North Carolina has many micro climates which make it easy to grow diverse varieties of grapes at different vineyards which leads to a wide assortment of wine. While Gregory Vineyard grows ginormous muscadine grapes that yields sweeter wines; Grove Winery cultivates your traditional idea of a grape with a wide variety of kinds that love the Piedmont weather. 

Just like with Gregory Winery; Grove Winery cultivates most of it’s own grapes and award wining wines. Grove boosts a separate tasting room located behind it’s rows of Chardonnay, Traminette and other grapes. Inside you can view their current wines and sample a taste for a small fee. Additionally, they host a wine and paint class, concert series at their outdoor stage, and wine glasses. Check out their listings of events at the Grove’s website and be sure to sign up for their emails to receive the latest news and events.

Stay close to home. Sometimes the best places are right in your own backyard. Looking for the wine experience but not wanting to drive the distance? Located right in Durham, North Carolina is The Wine Feed on S. Roxboro Street.

Not your average bar, The Wine Feed employs many different elements to take teaching you about wine to a level above all. Not only does The Wine Bar hosts wine education classes and wine clubs; but they plan wine field trips to far away lands! Check out their website to learn about their upcoming wine trip to Eastern France or signing up for one of their four different wine clubs. 

Most importantly I learned how there were so many different types of wine that can be grown throughout the state of North Carolina. I was amazed wines from sweet to dry and everything in between can be cultivated and produced in the state. Making North Carolina a great opportunity for adventures to stop and experience during their travels.

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