This is a updated review to a post I wrote last week about the earlier riser in our home. We ordered a alarm clock from Live Love Dream Inc. and revived it last Thursday.

The set up was slightly difficult. The directions were a little unclear and not written out well. But after about 30 minutes I was able to figure out the two alarm times and able to set the clock as well. Took me several times reading over the directions to understand how the 4 (!) settings work. For the alarm setting you have to select the bottom choice, which is a little unclear.

However the most amazing part of this clock? It worked! I coincidentally woke up a few minutes before I knew her alarm would. She of course was already up. I walked into her room and she was quietly sitting on her bed. Telling the the sun was already awake so she needed to me to. Pray I did that it worked. At 6:40 am her alarm went off. A loud choir of birds and woodland animals started to sing. The photo changed from a sleeping hippo to a awake and dancing one. After a few minutes the choir stopped and she eagerly asked is she could get up now.

I have to reset the button every night before bed by flicking it from the alarm (4) to the off switch and back. I don’t think there is a way for it to reset itself.

Overall the think the product works well and would definitely recommend it to other parents who have some early risers.

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