5 podcasts I recommend giving a shot to pop your podcast or true crime cherry.

I love to read. But cha know… freakin kids. I don’t get to sit on my arse much. Okay, that’s a lie. My kids are a little older, but still all under 10. Amazingly, I made my kids pretty independent.

Side note: that backfired because they don’t need me. I know, sounds stupid. But I want to be wanted by them.

Anyways, something I do to keep myself busy and try to make a little side change is crafting. I planted my arse in my couch and ran the batteries out of the tv remote. However, I soon realized if I don’t actually pay attention to what my hands are doing, I end up stabbing myself with a needle and end up with a staph infection on my finger that resembled green snot oozing from one of my cold infested kids. True story. 

So I broke out a radio and started listening to that. But I realized only after a few hours they start playing the same damn songs all over again. Ugh. I got bored with that solution so moved on to another. My new solution and new obsession is listening to podcasts. 

I love listening to podcasts because hearing the voices I don’t feel so alone in my empty house during the day while my kids are in school. And it quiets the voices in my head; just kidding.

Podcasts are also great because you can take them along with your for the ride. Like literally. I listen to the podcasts, not just at home, but in the carpool lane and shopping. I just pop in my headphones and ignore the rest of the world. Great for when your out and don’t want to people. Worried about using all your data off wifi? On my IPhone I can easily download episodes of a podcast at home to listen to while out. 

Right now I’m on a true crimes kick. I got started on it simply because I initially looked for popular podcasts and first listened to S-Town. Which lead to some more suggested podcasts and that lead me down a rabbit hole. 


Here are some of my favorite true crime podcasts. The following list is of podcasts where each episode is a different case. Furthermore, what is great about podcasts is that most have a website with additional information regarding the case. So if you can’t get enough of the case your listening too, just head to their linked site below for more information. By the way, I’m not getting anything for referring to these podcasts. I just like that fact I am no longer giving myself staph infection and can concentrate on projects more. 

  • My Favorite Murder This is da bomb and the must listen to podcast of the year. Just my opinion peeps.
  • Unsolved MurdersNot to be confused with Unsolved Mysteries (that we are binging on Hulu right now). Each episode is a tale of true crime (duh that’s what this post is all about) but told like old timey radio stories. You know, like the kind before we hand tv.
  • Cold Case Files If it makes you think of the A & E tv show “Cold Case Files”, then your right. Welcome to the podcast version. 
  • Thin AirAnother great and highly regarded true crime podcast.
  • CasefileSame as the others. 

Obvi, this is not a complete list. There are hundreds of true crime podcasts out there. I have listened to a lot of them and some just weren’t my cup of tea for one reason or another. So you may not like the ones I mentioned, but try others. Remember to always take recommendations with a grain of salt. 


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