Earlier today while I was catching up on the world as I was sleeping, I came across a article that sent me into a small panic. One that you get Monday morning when you realized you forgot to do the laundry and no one has no clean clothes.

The article talks about how Tricare is putting new restrictions and cutbacks on the ABA program. Say wha?!

First you are switching us to United which has caused so many problems that you grant every referral approval because they don’t have the means to deal with them all (even though that is true, it still took me 38 days to get a referral approved. It was lost in United system 4 times!). And now you want to implement new restrict and cutbacks when there has been a increase in ASD diagnosis?

Well it looks like United might have woken up a little bit. Sources say the article that came out today was written before United created such pandemic of problems when it took over. For the time being I think we can all take a slight breather that nothing is actually changing for our kiddos. Nevertheless, when it does change it will mainly impact retires.


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