It’s been a day; heck it’s been a week. So much has happened; I’ve cried, screamed and even threw a few things.

First and most important; my morning coffee fail. Yes, that is most important (no not really. I just like to be dramatic). So here’s a tip- don’t use a Contigo coffee mug to drink a frappachino out of. Why? Because the frap is too thick to drink out the lid. So what did I do? I licked it down as far as I could and left the lid off thinking it would melt while I did a few chores and I could eventually drink it. I had no straw and wasn’t at home. I had no options. What ended up happening? The drink refroze! So not only could I not tip it back and drink it, use a straw because I didn’t have one, or eat it with a spoon. I could do nothing but stare at it! Gah!!!!

So then Bugs OT called. His OT referral he has had for 4 years and needing to be renewed was denied! I called Tricare and they tell me thy don’t have sufficient paperwork to approve it. So here I am doing another dance between doctors, therapists and insurance trying to get it reinstated. No fun!

While I was on the phone with Tricare, I decided to find out some information on a few other referrals. A referral for myself was approved. Yea! So I called the doctor to make a appointment, who told me they have no openings until April. Say wha? It’s only February. Aren’t we missing a month in there? What do I do now? Do I sit and wait two more months to be seen about a possibly life alternating and life threating condition? For now, I contacted my PCM and asked him what to do. I’m sorry, but waiting two months after a year of suffering, only getting worse and seeing a quack doctor is NOT ok with me. So it’s time to step up and be my own advocate; again.

I need to call Tricare back and see if there is anything they can do. Unfortunately, I had Bugs IEP meeting to attend. I stuffed the boxing gloves in my purse and off I went. Fortunately, it went surprisingly well. They kept his IEP, ended his OT and agreed it needed to stay in place through first grade. It’s the small victories; especially since of my epic coffee fail.

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