I’m wearing a few hats today as I’m writing this post. So excuse my photo background. But as a mom, you all know how we must adjust and go with the flow more than actually following the path we intended. I plan on being home by lunch and its 1pm and no one has eaten. So what do you do?

Most moms have smushed crackers, melted fruit snacks and even maybe a exploded applesauce in the bottom of their diaper bag (anyone else ever reach in the grab a diaper and come out with a handful of applesauce? < this mom has).

After I matured as a mom and started realizing some off brand diapers works just as good as name brands and its cheaper to make baby food; I realized this little handy helper.

One day I got the urge to clean. I know SHOCK! And started cleaning my counters off. I ran across a old school box my son had brought home. My first instinct was to pitch it. But it was perfect. No cracks or marks and being the upcycler I am. I couldn't throw it out. So I left it and moved on to cleaning out my nice purse. Ya know, the one reserved for date nights? Ya, that one. And the bottom was filled with cracker crumbs. Gah!

I cleaned out my purse and reached for the school box. Loaded it up with crackers, applesauce cups and snacks (moms don’t you get crabby when your hungry? Don’t forget a snack for you!) and threw it into the diaper bag.


And there you have it. It slides to the bottom of the bag in most cases, which is fine since I don’t use it that often. But at least I’m not worried about reaching in and getting a handful of applesauce.


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