It’s inevitable, it will happen, be prepared; your child will at some point lose that one obscure object they can not live without… And it just happened to us.

Smh, you’d think after 3 kids, being a former nanny and former preschool teacher, I would be overly prepared for all the challenges my children can throw at me. But noooooo. Here I am on my phone in the car on our way home from a family play day on ebay, Amazon, Target and every other site I can scour looking for a freaking “baby”.

I found it luckily, but not without a cost. SB is almost two and so her must-have-can-not-live-without lovey comes at a high cost. It can no longer be found on store shelves. Sigh, as I press “checkout” and cringe at the obsorbinate amount I must pay; I think back to how we got here.

I thought I was prepared. I picked out the lovey she would carry around with her the rest of her life. It is a cute TY elephant; and I bought two at once. Following in the steps of her siblings, I thought this was the perfect (and matching!) lovey for her. Her brother still has his TY tiger and Diva can not breath if she can’t find her TY giraffe. It only made sense to “keep it in the family”. But you can never prepare for them to be independent and make their own choices at such a early age. At 3 months old she made her choice. It was this scary looking security blanket with a piglet head.

Sorry, but those types of blankets scare me. I don’t understand why children fall in love with a blanket with a head on it. Creeeepppyyy! But, she bonded with it and never had it out of her sight since; until yesterday.

Hubs and I keep going back and forth; parenting fail? We always tell our kids their babies must stay in the car. We warn them they could get lost, stole and be mistaken for stealing (yes, it has happened). However, we figured she was in a stroller and really had no chance of losing it. But as soon as we loaded SB into the car we knew.

So lesson learned. We as parents need to stick to the rules we make. We make mistakes too; and now it’s costing us $20 to fix it. As soon as you realize what lovey they have attached themselves to, buy an extra!

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