Bug is a child of the digital age. He will never know how to dial a rotary phone, he won’t know what a dial tone sounds like and he will never have to rewind a VHS tape. The kid is glued to the tv when ever it is on. He will even watch infomercials. So any chance I can find a fun activity for him to do; I abuse it.

I loved playing cards and board games as a kid. I would play a single game of Monopoly that would last all summer. I am so excited for my kids to get to the age when they can play those older challenging games.

So I decided to start teaching him the basics. And since we are working hard on academics to prepare him for school I was happy with myself when I realized I was helping him learn his numbers too. Not only was he learning his numbers, he was working on his math too. We have taught Bug touch math and this is a great way to keep helping him.

2 Replies to “Sneaky Teaching”

    1. It’s so hard to engage him in non-technology devices. Any chance I can find I take it! I feel so evillllll because he doesn’t know!

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