I am almost fully recovered after Labor Day weekend!  We had a great time and were blessed enough to have 9 family members come for a visit!!!  We hung out by the pool, went hiking, grilling, sightseeing and it was so much fun.  My boys got to hang out out with their three cousins from my side, and all of my siblings and their spouses (6 peeps!) were able to come.  With my husband’s deployments, training, etc…he’s missed out on the last two family get-togethers, so I was so happy we were able to spend some QT together.

Something fun that I put together to help welcome our guests is something that I’ve dubbed a “welcome basket.”  It’s a small basket I put on their bed, usually on top of some clean towels, with some goodies when they arrive.

Ta-da! This soap isn’t the one from the farmer’s market I told you about, it’s just what I happened to have on hand to make the example 🙂

The welcome baskets this time around had a cup for the cousins to personalize so it was easier to keep track of, some local honey, some homemade soap I got at a farmer’s market, a washcloth, and some fresh rosemary from our backyard.  They weren’t expensive to put together and everyone talked about how much they loved them.  They cost about $5 a basket to put together.  I’ll be able to reuse the baskets for future guests and for different things around the house (napkins, etc…).  The baskets and cups I was able to get at the Dollar Store which definitely helped keep cost down.  Another great addition to the baskets would be extra soap, shampoo, etc… that we have from hotels we have stayed.  Just a little personal touch that was fun for me to put together while I was getting ready (and excited!) for everyone to come!

Now, I am going to put my feet up 🙂

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