Gah, it’s only Tuesday and I could stand to get a little tippy. This is going to be a incredibly long month for us. So I need all the help I can get to stay on track and organized. To help me with that is a amazing little product I seriously have waited a few years to get. Even when it’s precious self arrived, I refused to open the box because I wanted to savor the feeling that I bought it and it was mine…. And then Hubs told Bug to rip open the box because he thought I was being silly. Bug took my box and ran through the house with it. After hunting him down I finally got my precious.


I stalked Etsy for quite some time before settling on this perfect little product. I admit, I attempted and failed, I reproducing it myself. Not once, but twice. It was a disaster. Finally, I realized this was another project I was capable of doing, but wasn’t capable of doing it right or to the perfectionism I wanted and expected.

I think, I first actually found this product on Pinterest a few years back. I fell in love with the camera purse hybrids, but they were all to rich for my blood and their styles were nothing I lusted over. After I saw some very manly and uglfied camera inserts, I realized a insert was what was needed since it would fit perfectly in my purse and still be the cute purse I loved and carried. I had just was gifted a AMAZING leather Coach purse and had no reason to not use that beautiful thing.

Once I tracked down the origin of the pin (see people it pays to make sure you include the source!) I was able to make contact with the seller and a week later, I had a perfectly customized camera purse insert from Martliena on Etsy. The customer service was amazballs. She was on top of every message I sent her within about a hour. So for all you instant gratification like people out there (including me) she is fabulous with feedback.

The product itself is just as amazing. It was made to fit inside a purse I already had and originally bought to use just for this purpose (sorry Coach purse, your on vacation until further notice). As a added bonus, I went on a trip a week later and discovered this insert fit perfectly into my backpack (that also on a daily basis doubles as my diaper bag!). Bonus! Inside the insert is a slit for a ipad, planner, table, book or whatever you feel needs to be in there. For me- I have placed my ipad, tablet, planner and notebook at one time or another. It also includes two outer pockets for phones, pens, makeup ect. However, my favorite part is the dividers! There are two removable dividers in the insert. Along the walls of the insert are heavy duty strips of velcro, which mimic the strips of heavy duty velcro on the divider tabs. This way you can make the sections as big or little as you want. My camera with lens attached, extra lens, wallet and a few other items along with my planner and Nexus 7 all fit perfectly and protected.

This is a must for everyone. Its one of those items I look back and think what did I do before I had it. Oh wait, I had smushed crackers, lost cell phone, open tube of lipstick and a cracked tablet screen. Yup, life changing product.

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