Let me start this post off with- I’m not awake. It has been some long days since we arrived back on the mainland. Lots of fun with family, visited some wineries and playing tourist just about every day has lead to some long days and even longer melt downs. Can you blame me?!

So today is no different. We are up early, again, and headed off to the best free zoo in the country. However, living out of a suitcase has it’s downfalls. One happens to be wrinkles. Sadly, some of our family members don’t own irons. More sadly is if they did, I still wouldn’t use one. I could also say that with kids on the spectrum, I try to avoid all impending disasters. I can just picture ironing my shorts and one of the littles running into the cord whipping the iron out of my hand and me (not awake) trying to catch it. So I have invited numerous ways to “iron” out some wrinkles.

The fastest and easiest way is the one I just used.

Take wrinkled bent under short hem. I straighten it out, wet a wash cloth and rub the wrinkle.


The end result is that you basically did a quick wash and unwrinkle the wrinkle without burning yourself or your children. Hope this helps some of you feel a little more presentable to the outside world. Which just reminded me I forgot my deodorant this morning. Have a glorious day!

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