MrsMissionControl did it, and now its our turn. We have officially received our temporary reassignment orders with the military. Which mean a lot of quick large scale changes that will start impacting our lives.  I have already started purging house hold goods and all too eagerly have started putting together and updating our PCS binder. Not only that, I am taking it one step futher to create another binder to haul around with me pretty much where ever I go. I guess you can say it is a personal sized PCS binder. A few different sections in each, but they will both serve the same purpose; they will help keep us organized, efficient and seemingly in control during the next several months. Yes, I said several. We don’t like to do anything easy in this family, so we are not going straight to our new base. Instead we are throwing in a class for the hubs and some road tripping for the kids and I through several states starting in mid-may.

Due to the fact we will be Gypsy’s for the next several months, I need to make sure that I have all the important information at my finger tips with me at all times. If not, I could chance the boat sinking or the moving truck catching on fire and all those highly important doctors records, prescription medication information and more might be lost forever (don’t laugh, I actually know families who this has happened to). So don’t be caught without that possibly live-saving information. Additionally, it will be beneficial to carry certain records and reports with you to help settle your children with special needs into new schools and therapies. Since our children will not be starting school right away, it will be important for us to be able to hand over those records to the gaining schools and have everything set in place before we even arrive or our house hold goods come.

I will up updating you all on what I do include in both my personal new family binder and our PCS binder.

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