One skill that both my kids constantly are working on is their fine motor. Those little hand muscles are so important for writing and neither one of my boys have ever been that interested in the “sit down and write” type of activities. Anything to help them get that proper pincer grasp I am all for. Their new OT shared this trick with me the other week and I had to share. Simply take a smaller size binder clip and attach it to a standard pencil in the spot where you would normally place your fingers. It should look like this:

Then their index finger just goes in between the two metal parts of the clip serving as a physical guide for where to put their fingers. Genius, right? This can be used to practice writing but could be used for coloring with colored pencils for some fun practice. Sometimes things are so simple you wanna smack your forehead and say, “why didn’t I think of that?” :). Have a great one!

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