So a while back I shared a cool idea I learned from a friend where you take a picture frame and make it into a chalkboard by painting the glass on one side with chalkboard paint. Then you can paint the frame however you want to match your decor. I’ve used the frame for lots of different things in my kitchen. Displaying holiday greetings, Bible verses, etc…

Lately I’ve been using the chalkboard to display our menu for the week. This helps be stay focused during my grocery shopping, and makes the nights we finish therapy up late so much easier.

Here’s the board from last week:

My hubby added the jellybeans to Friday’s menu 🙂
I’ve got it out on display but not in the way of my cooking.


I’ve seen other people use whiteboards for meal planning, computer spreadsheets, and customized bulletin boards. How do you stay on top of it all in the kitchen? Have a great day!

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