Okay so today I’m going to share something I did at my home to organize our kids’ clothing. That said, in order to share I will be including pics of my son’s room. *Disclaimer: I did not pick it up first! I took the pics as-is; it was a crazy morning. Try not to judge 🙂 Any illusions you had that my house is always clean are about to be shattered. Don’t say I didn’t warn you 🙂

Our youngest’s room is on the small side and we were struggling in our new house to fit all the furniture we needed in his room. We had his bed…

ryan pan
His train table

train table

And no room for much else. Here is a panoramic of the whole room.

A nice room, just not tons of space. We didn’t really have anywhere to put his clothes. I was at Target in the dollar section and I saw these clothes hangers. They were only a $1 and the size of each of the sections made them work perfectly for stacking clothes.

clothes hanger

When I am really on top of my game and organized, I will have each section designated for a type of clothing. PJ s in the top, then t- shirts, then long-sleeve, then pants, for example. It was a space-saving option that was also cost-effective. Win-win! Hanging shoe organizers would work really well too.

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