So in total there are about 10 different therapists that work with my kiddos. We have found token boards to be so rewarding for both of them and with all the token board apps that can be downloaded to phones, iPads, etc., they are also super portable and convenient. However, not all the therapists have the same token board apps, and sometimes they are using their iPad and need a different type of token board. I came across this DIY token board on Pinterest, and since dinos are both of my boys favorite I decided to make one for each of them. That way they can use it wherever we go, if they need it. Plus it shows them another way to do the same job, always good so they don’t get stuck on always using the same things all the time.

I started with an empty pull-up box. I always have these lying around 🙂

I cut out two of the sides that didn’t have a seam to make the two dinosaur outlines for my boards.

I was ready to freehand my first dino and then trace the outline with a green marker. I had decided to paint them green and thought I could just cover the outline with the paint.


There’s my freehand dino pencil outline. You can see it if you look close!

Now it was time to cut them out.

I used that dino cutout as a stencil to make the second one and followed the same steps.


Now it was time to paint both cutouts. I went with green.


While they were drying I put a couple coats of the same green on the clothespins. I did seven for each one, but they may not always use all of them. I figured that would be up to the therapist and I would just give them plenty to work with.

The cutouts were dry and now it was time to add some fun details.



Then I decided to number the clothespins.

Here’s everything drying…

…and here is the finished product!

I love ’em! Do you have any DIY projects for token boards? Have a great day! 🙂

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