I’ll be honest- I’m cheap. I’ll do anything to save a few bucks and if that means picking twigs out of my neighbors yard while they are having a screaming match; so be it. I love repurposing and up-cycling things I find junking, at thrift stores, yard sales or in my own garage. And with MrsMissionControl’s last post about her DIY photo box; I hand me a itch to visit Goodwill.

I got severely inspired today by a friend to make some fall decor. I used to be the type of person to never decorate for holidays. What I had up, stayed up all year; and for years. However, while Hubs was deployed I did a little decorating to welcome him home.

The kids went nuts. They loved how I was hanging lights around the house, changed our everyday hand towels to palm trees with lights (got to keep it real folks) and enjoyed new eye candy for them. And I had one of those cliche “ah ha” moments. The decorating was never about me; it’s about for others to enjoy (maybe me a little).

I have never decorated for fall. And still can’t being myself to decorate for every.single.holiday that comes up. So I figured I could make a few decorations to last me the next few months. The only downfall besides my wallet becoming a little lighter? Taking my normal decorating crap down.

Let’s face it- I’m lazy. I don’t want to take down all my normal decor and change it several times a year. Then why have “normal” decor. Then it would basically be like off season decor. But im gonna give it a whirl. I have a spare tote to store some of my “normal” decor in, so why not. Oh shucks; wouldn’t you know that the stuff I plan to take down is all of Hubs odd collection of nick nacks. I’m am just so heart broken…

Cough, anywho. I started with one room. Figured if I could pull it off Ill slowly move onto another. So I started with our den.

At Goodwill I was able to pick up a few items on my list of supplies; including a few photo frames. When I got home I had the kids help collect the other items I needed for my first project; a fall photo frame.

I tasked them out to do this as their attention to deal and rules made them the perfect candidates. I showed them the size and shape I needed and let them loose on our street. They did pretty well! I had more then enough to complete this project, so I found another project I can do with the remaining sticks and supplies I already have on hand (yea free!).

Next I whipped out my handy dandy cheapo Walmart glue gun and started. Really it’s that simple. Except for the fact of the little unassuming scolding hot glue gun. Be careful! Holy Moses it is hot.







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