So today’s tip isn’t about a DIY project, a home organization success, or some creative endeavor.  I saw this on facebook and really thought it was worth passing on.  I have wondered about putting personal information on display with those “stick figure” window decals, but hadn’t thought about the ones naming our kids’ schools, etc…


It kind of reminded about how when I was teaching school and we stopped using name tags on our students during field trips.  That way a stranger/ predator couldn’t make them feel safe by addressing them by name.  Yikes.  It’s a crazy world we live in.  What are your thoughts on this stuff?  Is there such a thing as being too careful?  Or are we asking for trouble by putting our family’s personal info out there on display?

2 Replies to “Bumper Sticker Safety”

  1. I think they’re kind of cute, but personally, I don’t see a reason to put my personal information out where everyone can see it. The ones that irk me the most are the ones that say “half my heart is deployed”. You might as well give the criminals an invitation.

    1. I felt the same way when I saw the deployment ones!!! The stickers are cute but I agree with you that it’s too much personal info. I’ve seen return address labels that are personalized with the same type of info ( little pics of each family member) that could be used instead too. Those are cute and much more private. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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