I know that most people have their trees up and decorated by now, but this was too cool not to share.  Most parents probably remember decorating for Christmas for the first time after they have kids.  It’s like everything you take out to decorate has a flashing neon sign screaming, “DANGER!  So not baby-proof!”  The candles you used to use to warm up the living room?  Fire hazard.  The stockings hung by the chimney with care?  Baby could pull them down.  Tiny little ornaments you use in your advent calendar?  Choking hazard for sure.  But by far, the thing that freaked me out the most were those ghoulish ornament hooks.  My youngest puts everything in his mouth and the idea of him swallowing one of those suckers scares me to death.

ornaments close uo 1

That’s why when I saw these ribbon ornament hangers at Lowe’s, I had to share.  They were 50 for $2.00 so they were reasonably priced, but would also be easy to make your own if you have ribbon on hand, or you wanted it to be a certain color or theme.  One of the best parts?  You put the ornaments away with the hangers on!  No untangling a mess of ornament hooks next year, they can go right back on the tree.

The hanger is just a length of ribbon tied into a loop with a small double knot.  The loop is made from any length of ribbon, mine were about 5 inches, depending on how long you want them to hang or if you want to do a bow or a knot.

ornament  2

Once you have your ribbon loop tied to the desired length, simply thread it through the top of your ornament.

ornament 3

Then pull the knotted end back through the other end of the loop and pull tight.

ornament thread through 4

*If you want your know to be on top of the ornament instead, just pull the loop side through the knotted side.

ornament hanging 5

Once your loop is pulled tight you are ready to hang your ornament!  No more worrying about your child swallowing one of those hooks like a fish!  Happy, happy holidays and a very Merry Christmas!

ornaments tree 6

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