Where do I begin? How do I start over? When we started thinking about our next duty station, we originally thought of the bases closest to family. After researching further we discovered the waist list for services for our children exceeded one year. There fore it changed our list of most wanted bases.

It was hard to decide but our Childers came first. However, so did the needs of the Army. Which is how the bases closest to family, worst for our kids: became the newest assignment for us.

I was told there was a one year wait list. At this point in time, there still is. So what do I do?

First thing I did was contact my current efmp to alert them to moving to a new base. They were able to give me the contact information for the gaining incoming efmp location. Furthermore, since they were able to do that, they were able to email our next base and forward them our case file. We have not even moved off island and the gaining base EFMP has already called us to start the process.

Nethertheless, you will also need to contact your ECHO case manager and alert them to the changes. The should be able to start helping you find new therapists in your gaining area.

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