Useless Videos Of The Week

Sundays have always been our family’s day of rest. No errands, no meetings, no outings. Just ones of those free for all days. It has also been my big day to take a nap. I mean, I tend to take a lot of them. I’m a habitual napper. However, I always feel guilty and have a excuse of needing one standing by. But on Sunday’s I don’t; I nap guilt free. I also am lazy guilt free with crafting, reading and useless watching videos.

During the week though, naps are a little more scarce. I typically only have time to sit down between errands and kids demands. We all have those moments where we just need a mental nap. You need a minute of not planning a meeting, thinking about finishing chores or what to cook for dinner. Sometimes, there is not time for a full blown siesta; but there are a few minutes to stop running your brain.


Here are a few videos I watched this week that did just that- wasted a few minutes of my life.

Still searching for one last summer vacation spot? I found it! 

80’s or 90’s kid? This one will rock your world. 

All I can say is I wish I had bigger boobs. Small boobed people sweat too.

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