A Blog Post Series Of Family Friendly Travel Vacations Around Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

All hell broke loose last year when our youngest started school.

She is our lover. Needer of physical touch and conversation. The type of person who just needs to sit next to you for no apparent reason except to be physically near you. But the loving idealic almost perfect child changed after her first week in school. Hell froze over and a new small demon human took her place. One filled with anger and malice. A fiery temper set off by the gentlest touch. I’ve been begging my husband to find a way for her to accompany him on his deployment; because I know the two of us will not survive the next 14 months under the same roof together. Something is going to have to change in our family in order for my husband to come home to all three kids and a happy wife.


I decided the change will be the roof itself.

Why stay cooped up all summer long doing the same routine and boring things. I know it will be hard, as our kids thrive on routine. However, I thrive on keeping my sanity.

In the coming months, I will review and post trips we take as a family of three kids and I to places all over the state of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virgina and more. My plan is for trips in about a radius of three hours from Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Hopefully, these reviews will inspire your family to find some fun.

Adventure is out there and for the sake of survival; we will find it.

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