The moment when… your potty trained kid tells you their underware is wet and they don’t remember where the peed.

Seriously, I’m not joking. This happened to Diva earlier this week. We are all getting ready for school and she finds me holding her underware telling me its wet. I take her for her word and tell her to go put it in the wash. Then I start the interrogation. “Where did you pee? The bed? Bugs bed? The floor? Your room? Bugs room? The bathroom?” I kept asking and she kept replying “I don’t know”. And if you know Diva this is her standard reply.

So I feel her bed, look around the kids rooms and nothing. And now we are running late for school. But riddle me this batman- how can you forget where you pee?! Especially when you don’t do it in the bathroom. I mean how hard is it to find one of three bathrooms this house has and use it!

So now your asking “well, where did she pee?”. The answer was discover about 12 hours after the incident took place. So not only was the smell nauseating, the dried pee made even the toughest men gag (I swear this as I made Hubs help Diva clean it up).

Luckily Diva chose her pee spot directly across from the laundry room for easy clean up. However, it was in my office floor. So much for trying to get organized. I had stuff off the shelves and on the floor for reorganization. So instead of going back on the shelves; they go in the trash.

But seriously! Why pee on my floor. I could only stop and stare at her when I found it. Because for once, I was speechless.

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