The Moment When your child decieves you. Sure,  that’s about every 5 seconds in this house with three kids. You have to have a sense of humor to survive. But,  I guess I forgot that today. Instead I went speechless,  then screamed,  then issued timeout,  then got the mom guilt. Why?

We got a cat. We love our cat. Cat is a good teaching lesson. So I have the kids learn responsibility by taking care of cat. This includes feeding,  playing and cleaning the litter box. Maybeeee, I also use cat and responsibility in the same sentence to get out of cleaning the litter box. Wouldn’t you? Anyways,  my kids are still learning how to follow through with unpreferred tasks; like cleaning the litter box. I should be happy my kids are resourceful. But not when I figure out that they have been using the vent in the bathroom as a waste receptacle for the cat litter while cleaning. Hmm, what’s that smell?

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