The moment when you wonder why you cant hear anything all a sudden during a phone call.

I had to drop off something at a friends house. While I was there I had the kids stay in the car (it was pouring rain and I was NOT dragging them out) and ran into her house to grab something. She needed to hand me a check, but we weren’t sure who to make it out to. So I decided to call the business and get some more information. The employee answers the phone and we have a brief little 10 second conversation before the phone goes silent. I pull the phone off my ear and see the call is still going. I check to make sure I didn’t hit the mute or hold button. And then I start in…”Hello, Hello, HEllo, HELlo, HELLo, HELLLLOOOOO”. Nothing. So I hang up. I call back. The same guy answers. He was so sweet he acts like nothing happened. Which at this point I thought was just a bad connection. I gather the information I need and run back to my car.

In the car my kids are laughing. Laughing so hard that Diva and SB, who are super snotty with colds, are coughing. I thought it was so bad, SB might be having a asthma attack. But no, they were all just laughing. No one could tell me what happen and I decided ignorance was bliss at this point.

By the time we get home, only about a mile away, everyone is a little calmer. Then Diva asks why there was “like a angry guy talking in the car”. I am clueless. She then precedes to tell me how she thinks it is a Autobot; then clarifies that she thinks it was Megaton. So now her and Bug are recreating this elaborate story of how Megaton was in the car with them and they were trying to talk to him. I am at a complete lose for words having no idea what they are talking about, but find it cute and amusing. Then it hits me. I ask Diva again what Megaton said. She says he said “HELLLOOOOOOOO!”.

Palm hit face. I realized that the entire time I thought I was trying to talk to the employee my blue tooth in my car had played my phone call in my car through my speakers. No wonder the phone call was still in progress with no sound. The employee was listening to my kids in the car.

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