The moment when you smell it. It is that smell all parents know. You open the car door and the smell hits you like the realization you locked your keys in the car…in the rain. That slap on the forehead came this morning.

I guess I had been ignoring the faint whisps of rotting something for a while. I brushed it off to a smelly diaper, dirty uniform or the sad, but rare occasion I forget deodorant in the morning. But the sign was there and the hunt was on.
We washed the outside this past weekend. Giving the offender time to bake in the hot summer sun. So when I opened the door Monday morning to get the kids in and off to school my gag sense was in over drive. I ripped every piece of anything out of there I could find. Lucky we don’t keep much in that vehicle and the odor omitted was soonly suffer out. Our culprit- the diaper bag.

I opened it up and immediately knew I found the source. But just to be sure I made Hubs take a wiff too. {evil laugh}.
I went and ripped every thing out expecting to find a dirty diaper, milk (now yogurt) filled sippy cup or dirty baby clothes. But what I found was- I don’t even know. I don’t even care.
I’m just happy it’s out of my car. I used a half a can of Lysol trying to get ride of the smell. At least now it’s all tamed and bonus- the car is clean!

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