The moment when you hear the “barking seal”. We heard it all night. It never stopped, until of course I took Bug to the doctor this morning. Then he stopped barking and SB started wheezing. Is today Monday? Sure felt like it.

First it started with the “barking seal” cough all night. Then Hubs waking me up before he left to work out suggesting I take Bug in to the doctor. With Bugs medical condition his immune system is compromised. We have to take over-reacting decisions for him. This includes taking him to the doctor for the slightest cold. So I alert the kids to no school today, which sent their and my world spinning out of control. I am slowly gaining back control as we speak. But as I was trying to get the kids in the car, Bug tells me the car is locked. Enter mom freak-out moment now! Why? Because I leave my keys inside (don’t yell at me, I know its not smart. But it beats my kids walking off with them in the house). I call Hubs to calmly explain my frustration at him for locking my keys in (maybe calm is a major understatement). And then realized he left the spare set at home (GO HUBS!) so I was fortunate to get to the doctors on time. Then it started.

The kids started coming unglued. Running in the busy parking lot, throwing shoes at ceiling tiles, throwing bodies against the wall. All the while Bug was not coughing and SB was wheezing. It finally dawned on me this was because I changed the morning routine of not getting ready and going to school. But trust me, the doctors was not on my list either. Finally done with the doctors with a diagnosis of croup. We are sent home. They will not get Bug steroids because it will lower his already compromised immune system. So he needs to fight it off. Hoping that works. But what isn’t working is him acting like a complete lunatic. Finally I call Hubs up and ask him to take Bug to school. And Hubs calmly tells me he is bowling tonight and offers to bring me home a bottle of wine on his way home from work today. Smart man.

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