The moment when you can laugh at your child’s smelly misfortune.

We went to a local store and Bug decided to smell some very strong and fragrant perfume on himself. We didn’t notice it to much as we walked home, but once we were inside the enclosed house it was horrific.

Hubs and I were laughing at how he smelled like something a old lady would wear. Hearing this, Bug starts hyperventilating because he is afraid he is instantly going to turn into a old woman. The sound of his pleas made us laugh so hard. And since we were in a fun mood we decided to play along.

I yelled “run!” And he just started running. We told him to run around the house 5 times then to go wash his hands to break the spell. And with that Diva started sobbing as well. Hers was even funnier. The drama she brings into this family can only be given a academy award. So we told her the same thing and BAM! She was off running and sobbing at the same time screaming “I don’t want to be a old lady!”

Hubs and I could not contain the laughter. Some might see this as rude and immature but when you have such children, laughter is sometimes the only cure for insanity.

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