The moment when you are at your husbands work function, honoring some amazing co-workers, when your ASD (maybe OCD!) son has his manhood out to the world.

A few weeks back we were having a work event saying goodbye to old friends and introducing ourselves to new ones. We were all circled around our friend who was giving a heartfelt good-bye speech (of course) when I look at Bug standing in front of Hubs- with his manhood pulled out for everyone to view. Not only did he have it pulled out, he was stretching it out to make sure he got every grain of sand that was stuck to it plucked off.

I look behind me to see a row of people laughing hysterically at it. Hello! Could nobody have stopped him or told me?! No, let’s just all laugh at the boy with his thing pulled out and being freed of sand. Ugh.

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