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10 Tips To Survive Bush Gardens Williamsburg With Kids

10 Tips To Survive Bush Gardens Williamsburg With Kids

Mama didn’t raise no fool I like to think my childhood was pretty bomb diggity. I lived in the suburbs of a major city that had and still has some of the countries best family attractions. I spent the better part of my summer vacations […]

The Sunday Snoozer- 2.0

The Sunday Snoozer- 2.0

Useless Videos Of The Week Sundays have always been our family’s day of rest. No errands, no meetings, no outings. Just ones of those free for all days. It has also been my big day to take a nap. I mean, I tend to take […]

Stick a Fork in Me I’m Done: Why I Need a Vacation from my Vacation Planning

Oh my gee! I can’t see straight because my contacts are glued to my eyes from staring at my computer screen for the last three days while trying to book a family vacation. With all the stress and anxiety it has caused me, I need […]

Welcome Baskets!

I am almost fully recovered after Labor Day weekend!  We had a great time and were blessed enough to have 9 family members come for a visit!!!  We hung out by the pool, went hiking, grilling, sightseeing and it was so much fun.  My boys […]

Playing The Local Tourist- Hawaii Part 3

I’ve been sharing with you all about playing my family playing tourist where we live. I hate going home during the holidays and having family gawking over us about living in paradise only to tell them we rarely leave base and go exploring. So with […]

Playing Tourist

We have lived a few years on the island and that time is coming close to a end. When we return home during the holidays everyone is always excited to hear what we do and all the amazing things we get to see and experience. […]

DIY Disney Autograph Book

Even though my kids have ASD does not mean they were going to miss out on some of the fun at Disney. And even though my kids have ASD there are also typical kids who have just a big of fear of characters as mine. […]