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I Medicate My Kid And I’m Okay With It

I Medicate My Kid And I’m Okay With It

Monday was not a good day. Nobody listened, hands were put on others to hurt and lives were in danger because of inattentiveness. All because my 10 year old didn’t take his ADHD medication. The previous statements makes him sound like a violet pre teen. […]

The catch 22 of “how are you?”

The catch 22 of “how are you?”

How are you? How are you? How many times a day are you asked this? How many times a day do you ask this of someone else? Now… how many times a day is it genuinely asked? When I’ve left the seclusion of my comfy […]

Variety is the spice of life

In our quest to help our children learn how to do “normal” things, reach age-appropriate goals and milestones,  it can get overwhelming.  Sometimes in that frantic push it can be easy to forget that sometimes we should just let them be.  Be themselves.  Be unique. […]

Making Your Own Therapy Time

If you didn’t know, we are in the middle of a pcs (military acronym for moving to a new duty station). Due to the fact we have moved away from our last duty station and therapists and haven’t yet reached our final destination- we have […]

We are making progress!!!!

So, at times with all the therapy my boys get, it can definitely be overwhelming. Sometimes I wonder, is it all helping? Then I get a pearl like this one. My oldest, who is 5, completed this homework with my husband. The assignment ended with […]

Thank God for insurance!

So, I am guilty as the next gal of complaining about our insurance.  Maybe we get too much junk mail from them, it takes too long to get a reply back when I send an email, I spend a lifetime on hold, etc., etc., etc. […]

Does Tricare Cover Pediatric Orthopedics?

I’m on a new journey with one of my kids. One I have never been on. I thought we had been to every medical specialty there was; from allergy/immunology to oncology. So when we were sent to a pediatric orthopedist I was a little nervous. […]

Mommies Need a Timeout Too

Bipptyboppityboo, snicklefritz, cheese and rice, fudge and more. Of course those are not the exact words streaming through my head the moment I caught Diva coloring on her bedspread and after I just dug Sb’s hands out of her poopy diaper. By the way, Bug […]