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I Medicate My Kid And I’m Okay With It

I Medicate My Kid And I’m Okay With It

Monday was not a good day. Nobody listened, hands were put on others to hurt and lives were in danger because of inattentiveness. All because my 10 year old didn’t take his ADHD medication. The previous statements makes him sound like a violet pre teen. […]

Take Your Hands Off My Kids Birthday Party

Take Your Hands Off My Kids Birthday Party

You celebrate birthdays to celebrate the person. You don’t throw parties, hire clowns or rent bouncy houses to show off to your friends or make yourself feel like you got a #parentingwin. The season is upon us. You are probably assuming I am going to […]

Happy Birthday, Son

Around this time of year we watch a lot of holiday movies along with holidays classics like a “Charlie Brown Christmas” and “Frosty the Snowman”. So everytime I say happy birthday today, I keep having Frosty the Snowman pop into my head spouting his lines […]

How to Be the WANT in Your ASD Child’s Life

It is mentioned over and over again that one of the amazing characteristics of ASD children (and adults) is their true nature to latch onto a topic or hobby and emerge themselves in it becoming a subject matter expert. Sometimes they even mature into self […]

Goals, Not Grades, Matter in School

Within the next few weeks Bug will go back to school to start kindergarten testing. I am buying school supplies, stocking up on new clothes and plan on taking him shopping for a new lunch box of his choosing later this week. Having already completed […]

A Kleaner World

This is a follow-up post to my blog post “Teaching Lessons? Not Yet.” I was at school today waiting to pick up Bug when I sat next to his art. This artwork was posted the same day he decided to throw his trash on the […]

The Moment When…

The moment when you have a proud mommy moment. My son texted the last line. Hubs told him what to write and Bug did it. Why did it make my heart swell? Bug has been having some hard times in school. Due to his behavior […]

Teaching Lessons? Not Yet

Bug is learning all about Earth at school. Everyday he tells me interesting facts he learns, points to oceans and countries. He brings home art work and tells me about how bees like flowers. He even showed me his amazing paper he wrote. It had […]