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Raising Conscientious Kids…

Good morning everybody!  Hope you had a fabulous weekend.  We are getting a ton of rain here in Tennessee, but our prayers are with those affected by the awful tornadoes in Arkansas. As a mom you try to teach your kids to be conscientious (thank […]

The Moment When….

The moment when you step on something on the bathroom floor. You look down to see a dried mass of brown….something. Then three feet away you notice the wet toilet paper with a matching brown mass of ….something. Then you remember how 5 minutes before […]

Just for laughs!

Okay, here is a little something to get your week off with a little giggle. Have a great day!


So last night we saw that we had some winter weather coming our way.  But, we figured, hey, it’s March.  It’s almost Springtime.  Plus, we’ve already had more than 6 days off of school so far this year because of weather.  My kids even had […]


It’s hard for me to believe it, but it’s Wednesday again!  This week, I’m tackling an acronym I heard for the first time yesterday.  I was at a meeting put on by my school district for parents of special needs kiddos in the district.  They […]

Some random thoughts…

You know when someone says something or you read something that just really resonates with you?  Well I am not one to reinvent the wheel.  Here are some of the favorites I’ve come across regarding parenting: Now I am going to go to that happy […]

Translating “kid speak “

Both my boys are on the autism spectrum, and have both been receiving speech therapy for years. As a result, we have seen huge strides in their speech and language development, and we are so proud. I am used to serving as a kind of […]

I just found a bowl of cereal in my bathroom…

Motherhood can drive you nuts sometimes.  I used to be a pretty stylish lady.  I could put together complete sentences, read books, and then have intellectual conversations about said books.  I could shower, fix my hair, and put on make-up every day instead of just […]