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Parental Paradox: Sick Or Faking It?

Parental Paradox: Sick Or Faking It?

I have parental paradox. How do you tell if your kid is faking being sick or not? Chicken Middle has high functioning Autism (ASD). A lot of kids with ASD also have related anxiety issues. Chicken Middle (and Chicken) both have anxiety issues along with […]

5 Must Have Car Accessories For Family Road Trips

5 Must Have Car Accessories For Family Road Trips

It’s inevitably. Eventually, some time in your life you will end up on a road trip with your kids either out of necessity or pleasure. Hopefully, it’s the latter. Because who wants to be forced into a 14 hour road trip with three kids? Not […]

I’m Not Just Another Mom Blog

I’m Not Just Another Mom Blog

Your Fired!   After 10 years, a decade of service to this family, I’m fired from motherhood. As of August 28th, I will have no children at home to care for. All three of my children will be in elementary school. There is a shift […]

Naked Preschoolers and Dirty Chicken Sandwiches…

Good morning, all.  I like to think that with all the years of working with kids that I had before starting my own family and the 6+ years in parenting I have under my belt that I have seen a lot.  Not it all, but […]

How to Be the WANT in Your ASD Child’s Life

It is mentioned over and over again that one of the amazing characteristics of ASD children (and adults) is their true nature to latch onto a topic or hobby and emerge themselves in it becoming a subject matter expert. Sometimes they even mature into self […]

I just found a bowl of cereal in my bathroom…

Motherhood can drive you nuts sometimes.  I used to be a pretty stylish lady.  I could put together complete sentences, read books, and then have intellectual conversations about said books.  I could shower, fix my hair, and put on make-up every day instead of just […]

There’s a trike in my kitchen!?!?!?!?!

So, we are getting ready to move in a few weeks….I’m trying to whittle down my belongings to only the necessary items like every piece of artwork my kids have ever done and my collection of books that I read before I had kids and […]

Pretty awesome parenting tips!

This is one of the best lists I have seen on facebook in a long time!  I love the one about the bathroom always kind of smelling like pee when you have boys!  Have an awesome week everyone! TIPS FOR A WORN-OUT MOM (and Dad)1. […]