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Naked Preschoolers and Dirty Chicken Sandwiches…

Good morning, all.  I like to think that with all the years of working with kids that I had before starting my own family and the 6+ years in parenting I have under my belt that I have seen a lot.  Not it all, but […]

Beyond Our Front Porch

Today I had MOPS. Our co-coordinator spoke about telling your life story and creating your story board to help. It was a great talked and it brought back a few things I have been trying to work on personally and goals I want to achieve. […]

I Sterotyped My Kids

I talk… a lot. I especially talk a lot when it is a topic I know or feel I know a lot about. So when it comes to talking to a group of moms about being an advocate for your special needs children I want […]

Some random thoughts…

You know when someone says something or you read something that just really resonates with you?  Well I am not one to reinvent the wheel.  Here are some of the favorites I’ve come across regarding parenting: Now I am going to go to that happy […]

Find the Unexpected Beauty

It’s easy to get lost in the hum-drum of everyday events.  Wake up the kids, make breakfast, get dressed, get the kids on the bus, clean the house, get groceries, run errands, pick up the kids, go to appointments, make dinner, baths, read books, fall […]

I just found a bowl of cereal in my bathroom…

Motherhood can drive you nuts sometimes.  I used to be a pretty stylish lady.  I could put together complete sentences, read books, and then have intellectual conversations about said books.  I could shower, fix my hair, and put on make-up every day instead of just […]

Oh, Mommies, Tomorrow I Have a Fight to Win

Oh, mommies, tomorrow I have a fight to win. I will be positive and optimistic. I will win. It is a fight most of us have to battle monthly or even weekly. It’s an IEP meeting. Ugh, just the mention of an IEP meeting sends […]

Un-childproofing lunch

Okay, so I have written before about packing lunch for my kiddo on the autism spectrum who has just started kindergarten.  He is my first child to go to school, so I am definitely having a little trouble “letting go.”  I worry about stuff all […]