Seeking Life Beyond The Carpool Line With a Glue Gun In One Hand and Coffee In the Other

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Breakfast time for us is never a good time. I am not a morning person and have a issue with small minions whining at me before 6 AM. I have taught them to be self sufficient in many ways. They can get a glass of […]

Baked Opah with Lemon Dill Butter

I’m am not a cook, chef, baker or any sort of kitchenteer. So when I make a meal from scratch with no recipe that is editable and tasty; I’ve got to share! We currently live in paradise and I’m trying hard to embrace it while […]

Let’s Party!

Let’s Party!

From the start I have never done store bought food, invitations or party favors for my kids birthday parties (well most of the time). So I have a few favorites I have found kids and adults alike love and wanted to share some easy and […]

DIY Notebook Tabs

I like being organized and feeling like I’m organized. I guess it’s one thing to be organized and another to feel like it and use the organization you created for yourself. So I did a quick, and I mean quick, 5 minute DIY for notebook […]

DIY Plate Hangers

I hate blank walls. I hate white walls more. I especially hate white walls you can’t paint due to landlord restrictions. So I try to hang some eye candy here and there to make our home moreā€¦ homey. I also hate hanging a bunch of […]

Crock Pot Chicken Enchilada

So I am currently in a new phase of my life where I am trying to be a better me and sharing that new found enthusiasm with my family. That being said I am trying my hand in home cooking. And I hate to cook […]