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Easy Pesto Chicken Dinner

Cooking up something special tonight in the oven. I haven’t been 100% since effort the holidays,  so trust me,  this is simple stupid. And simple good. From The Pinning Mama comes a 4 ingredient chicken Pesto meal to wow you family and your tummy. Follow 

DIY cupboard organization

I have never had a house where I’ve had too many kitchen cupboards.  I’ve had kitchens of all different layouts and sizes, but it seems I could always use more cupboard space.  I love buying pretty platters and serving bowls but finding a way to store 

A good recipe, but don’t eat it!!!!!

So today’s foodie friday recipe is a little different…It is a recipe, but it’s not for eating 🙂  Today was a crazy week filled with end-of-the-school-year picnics, art nights, field days, etc…In my house this week, to be honest, I was not doing a ton of cooking.  But, I 

Upholstered Headboard…Check!

I have lots of ideas.  Ideas, ideas, ideas, spinning around my little head constantly.  Which means I am a very good project-starter, and not always such a good project-finisher.  Today, I am proud to say I have finally finished a project that has been hanging over 

Social Stories

New experiences are scary. I get so nervous and frightened when I have to drive somewhere I have never been and approach someone I have never talked to. Yes, me who loves to talk, gets nauseatingly nervous to talk to new people. Knowing how I 

Visual Cues

We all need reminders. However, I have my limit at repeating myself 4 different times per person in this family. It gets old fast and I get annoyed even faster, especially with the 4 I have. I have also come to the conclusion that was 

DIY Driftwood Pocket Organizer

I am in a project sort of mood. I am currently working on a large cross stitch, decorative spring swag, writing a book and a little something for a friend who is expecting. So really, no much at all. So I decided I should not 

Pizza Pleasing Everyone

The Superbowl commercials are not the only thing I look forward to on Superbowl Sunday; I love the food! My parents are amazing cooks and the food is one of the main reasons I love going over to their house (besides visiting!). However, now that