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Crazy Busy Life and Fall DIY Project Roundup

Mrsmissioncontrol has been taking a little leave from the blog and as you can see, I have not done very well without her. I need her and I missy her so much! So I apologize for not keeping up daily with the blog as I […]

DIY Fall Frame

I’ll be honest- I’m cheap. I’ll do anything to save a few bucks and if that means picking twigs out of my neighbors yard while they are having a screaming match; so be it. I love repurposing and up-cycling things I find junking, at thrift […]

Wedding invitation shadow box

Next summer hubby and I will be celebrating our eighth wedding anniversary.  Hard to believe, it’s gone pretty fast!  So fast, that there are certain projects that I have been meaning to do that I feel I can no longer put off.  One example?  Doing […]

Mommy Moment

Today is the day! My trifecta of happiness started. By some mere miracle, I was able to get Diva into a closer prek (she started today) which was right down the street from our house. So now I can easily walk Bug to school in […]

DIY Notebook Tabs

I like being organized and feeling like I’m organized. I guess it’s one thing to be organized and another to feel like it and use the organization you created for yourself. So I did a quick, and I mean quick, 5 minute DIY for notebook […]

DIY Plate Hangers

I hate blank walls. I hate white walls more. I especially hate white walls you can’t paint due to landlord restrictions. So I try to hang some eye candy here and there to make our home more… homey. I also hate hanging a bunch of […]