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Where To Visit In Virginia Beach With Kids

Where To Visit In Virginia Beach With Kids

What’s better than a family vacation than being able to do things everyone in the family enjoys.

The Sunday Snoozer- 2.0

The Sunday Snoozer- 2.0

Useless Videos Of The Week Sundays have always been our family’s day of rest. No errands, no meetings, no outings. Just ones of those free for all days. It has also been my big day to take a nap. I mean, I tend to take […]


So I had a great post all planned out. lt was gonna introduce you all to MOPS or if you already know about them let you know how I love them. And then life happened and now I will sadly define ACC. ACC (Acute Care […]

Playing The Local Tourist – Hawaii Part 2 (Pic Heavy)

If you missed my first post about being a local tourist, read that first! This past summer we had another opportunity to play a local tourist when Hubs family visited. I was so excited to see everything again. We saw most of the “must see” […]

Playing Tourist

We have lived a few years on the island and that time is coming close to a end. When we return home during the holidays everyone is always excited to hear what we do and all the amazing things we get to see and experience. […]

My Only Stroller- B•O•B Jogger

When discovering we were blessed with a third pregnancy my mind started spitting out lists of all the things we needed to buy, sell, move, prepare and more. One of the things that was most important on my list was a new stroller and new […]

The Moment When…

The moment when you are at your husbands work function, honoring some amazing co-workers, when your ASD (maybe OCD!) son has his manhood out to the world. A few weeks back we were having a work event saying goodbye to old friends and introducing ourselves […]

Day 16: Sun Ray

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