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I Medicate My Kid And I’m Okay With It

I Medicate My Kid And I’m Okay With It

Monday was not a good day. Nobody listened, hands were put on others to hurt and lives were in danger because of inattentiveness. All because my 10 year old didn’t take his ADHD medication. The previous statements makes him sound like a violet pre teen. […]

Boy vs Counter: Round One- Pediactric Dentist and Soft Food Diet

Yup. That happened. Adult tooth, root, gum and all. And all a hour before SB had her first official birthday party.  I was taking a shower and assumed Bug was simply in trouble. Big trouble. Until Hubs walked into the bathroom and alerted me to […]

He isn’t a angel anymore

My eyes are burning because I am so tired. Or maybe it’s because I’m laying in my bed in the dark listening to Hubs snore and writing this. But I can’t sleep because my mind is racing with all the possibilities that can come out […]

Kids Joke Book Review: Dog Jokes for Kids by Charlie the Cavalier

I was thrilled to read this new kids joke book, Dog Jokes for Kids by Charlie the Cavalier, with my kids. When I need some down and brainless time during my days I often pick up my phone and check my favorite apps for news […]

Be Brave; My Fear and Failure

Be Brave; My Fear and Failure

It’s been a rough few weeks friends. I’ve deal with family members getting diagnosised with cancer,  our bank accounts hacked,  no access to money to buy food,  evolved in a hit and run in one car and the bumper being ripped off on the other; […]

How Do I Set Up My Child’s Services at Our New Duty Station?

The dust is finally starting to settle down on our pcs roller coaster ride. The boxes are almost unpacked and I’m starting to get the layout of the land. The first important step I need to take next is to set up our children’s services. […]

A Parents Dilemma: To Tell or not to Tell Your Your Child about Their Diagnosis

I’ve written before about a question some parents of children of ASD share- when and do we tell our children about their diagnosis. There is a debate related to it. What does it benefit the child if we tell them? Some argue that it can […]

Organizing Our Chaos: Summer Hiatus

Yesterday I posted about my summer abroad visiting family and loving life back on the mainland after FOUR YEARS (I still can’t get over that!) of island living. I’ve been sporadic with my posting and begging my co-blogger to help out. She has been amazing, […]