Soo… as a planner girl, I have done several swap boxes. I love getting things from people who don’t live close by me. It’s like having an epic pen pal or a family member who brings you back something from vacation. I’m also a lover of hand written letters and still to this day write my grandma ones, who in returns uses her typewriter to reply (I’m so jealous of her!). Therefore, any chance to connect with another human over the age of 21, I’m down for. Bonus when I get gifts!

I received my #spswapbox I few days ago. Issue was I’ve been sick for over a week, and in addition, this past week all three kids were sick with colds! Not to mention that today Handsome Hub is now sick with a totally different illness. Yuck! Therefore, it took a few extra moments to share my gifts, or what I like to refer to as “prizes”.

I have no idea how our crafty coordinators, Ashley and Dean paired the participants in this swap, but they did a damn good job. They hit the nail on the head by pairing me with someone who have similar life aspects as me. Kinda sad though, as I hate that she suffers from the same invisible illness as me and has a special needs kid, but we must stick together! Power to us Echo (she blogs over at The Mad Mommy)!

Let’s get to the goods! Five gold stars on her achievement chart for everything that was included in the box. Contents included:

  • pink holographic journal/sketchbook
  • “color me” bookmark
  • quote mug
  • hair mask
  • wooden clothes pins
  • scented candle

Thank you so much Echo for the amazing prizes! Now off to sip from my new cup by some romantic candle light, wearing my hair mask and coloring my bookmarks.

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  1. This looks so fun! It looks like you got some really cool things – Glad you are all getting better! I really love to get things in the mail, too! It is always exciting!

  2. Hello, Kelly. I really love scented candles. It makes me so calm and it relaxes me. So the idea is like changing gifts for Christmas party. The best part is probably the thrill of getting what you get.

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