And 12 Places You Need To Visit St.Louis With Kids.

Do it people. I can’t begin to tell you all the memories you will make by taking a few days or a week visiting St. Louis, Missouri  

I need to prepare you that St. Louis is my hometown. Well, basically (actually I’m from a suburb of it). So my opinions are mine from the 25 years I was born and raised there.

I’m home visiting right now. One of the best things about coming home is getting to play tourist in your hometown. Luckily, room and board is free for us. So we have a awesome home base with built in babysitters and family get to show us all the new spots around town. So even my husband and I get to have fun around town. 

At the end I’ll share some adult field trips you need to plan. However, first up are 5 things you need to experience with your kids when you visit St. Louis.

There is just so much crap to do in St. Louis with kids and most of it is so freakin cheap.

St. Louis Zoo

St. Louis Arch

Sports Games- St. Louis Cardinals and St. Louis Blues

City Museum

Six Flags

Missouri Botanical Gardens

Purina Farms

The Muny

Grants Farm

Raging Rivers Waterpark (Grafton, Ill)

Magic House

Turtle Park (and 105 other awesome parks)

Adult bonus: breweries and wineries 

Some are free, some are cheap and some are more expensive. All are totes worth looking into and exploring. 

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